Selling Property

Selling a home is like riding a bull. Once the gate opens there is no turning back.
It is no secret that preparation is the key. Let us help you prepare your home. You only get on chance to make a first impression. We hope to see a sparkle in a buyer’s eye at our first showing.


The Internet is a great place to advertise homes. We also use many area newspapers, as well as television. Some realtors will tell you about the importance of their website. They should know a lot about it, since they only have one. Let me tell you about our three websites.
Our first website is This website alone does not draw clients. You need to advertise the website. At Clouse Real Estate, we try to list this website on every advertisement we print. We continue to spend money advertising this website.
Our second website is MLS50. This is a website set up to display many realtors’ properties. It shows properties in 50 states.
The money that we spend on these two websites has had positive returns.
We are building a third website. Our new website,, will be fully operational in January 2006. The professionals designing and building this site bring with them a wide variety of knowledge, and experience. I am very optimistic about this new site.
It is not important to just spend a lot of money on advertising. Rather, it is important to spend money wisely on advertising.
By spending our advertising dollars in a responsible manner, we are able to expose your property to a multitude of buyers. At the same time, the staff of Clouse Real Estate is able to keep our commissions at a minimum. This is just one more reason to call us!



Selecting the right realtor to help you with the sale of your property is an important decision. The person that you select is responsible for helping to guide you through the sale of the most valuable asset that you own. This decision should not be entered into lightly.

Your decision should be based upon the realtor’s ability to responsibly close real estate transactions in your area or territory. You may also wish to learn how far his or her average sale price is from the list price. Some realtors promise you the world, but deliver something much less. At Clouse Real Estate, we attempt to list property at the proper price, as well as sell the property at or very near the list price.

Realtors incur expenses while advertising and marketing your property. They need to be compensated for these expenses. Commissions need to be adequate to market your real estate.

Some firms spend money foolishly. As a result, they need to charge higher real estate commissions than do other firms. Some may be a little greedy, resulting in excessive commissions.

Most people know that I am a conservative person. I target advertising dollars where they do the most good. Focusing advertising dollars is one of the many things that permit me to list and sell property at a lower cost than other sellers. This puts more money in the pockets of our sellers.

When selecting a realtor, you should get an estimate for the closing costs. The amounts charged for some of the expenses involved can vary. Some realtors are creative. They continue to come up with new fees. These new fees are designed to take money out of your pocket and put it into their pockets.

Should your realtor close the sale of your property? Yes, I feel that this is the responsibility of your realtor. If your realtor is not qualified to handle this portion of the transaction, he should hire someone who is. The cost of hiring someone to do part of your realtor’s job should not be your expense.

The final step in your transaction is the closing. Some realtors do not even show up for the closings. They run from their responsibility and send you to a title company. The title company charges you to be there. You will also be charged by the title company for all documents that they prepare. We close our sales without this additional expense.

If anyone tells you that every realtor hires someone else to complete closings, he is wrong. This is not how we do it at Clouse Real Estate. This is yet another exception that makes us exceptional!